Once upon a time, I was drawing some stick figures fighting on some copy paper. Then my cousin looked over my shoulder and suggested "He should do a backflip next". Soon after that, I needed more paper.
I was hooked. I wanted to tell stories for a living.
Currently, I'm satisfying my urge for storytelling by writing and drawing my own webcomic, but  I've been yearning to get back into a collaborative storytelling space. If it's anything like the short film I worked on with my friends in college, working with a team is an endless supply of inspiration, enthusiasm and passion.
Though I miss my childhood home in Thailand, I'm currently working from my home-away-from-home in Kansas City. The downside is that I miss authentic Thai street foods. On the plus side of being stateside, there's 2-day free shipping on all the comics I can afford.
If you ever spot me outside my studio space, I must be either swing dancing, watching movies & shows, playing video games, or taking care of my bettas.
Have a project for me? Or just want to say hi?
You can email me at bentoddart@gmail.com
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